About Us

Among online cab services in Delhi NCR, Noida, and Gurgaon, Batra Car Rentals is the best and fastest-growing. Becoming the most dependable, reasonably priced, and accommodating out-of-station cab service provider is our goal. Offering round-trip, one-way drop, and local journeys to any location is something we have a lot of experience with. Because we cover a wide range of territory and provide a variety of travel alternatives along with safe and secure trips, we have the greatest outstation cab booking service in all of India. We are unique among all because of our greatest region, which stretches from the north to the west and east.

The greatest option for your needs when booking an inexpensive out-of-town cab is one drop cab. We guarantee that your holidays, vacations, and other trips will be unique and enjoyable thanks to our incredibly practical and secure cab services. All of our rental automobiles are brand-new and kept in excellent condition by our courteous and competent drivers.

Our Mission

Our goal is to revolutionise your travel experience. Our goal is to meet all of your needs with hassle-free, convenient transportation options. We want your trip to be secure, comfortable, and pleasurable whether you're travelling for work or play.

Our goal is to encourage people to choose cab services over other forms of transportation while going far away. We want more individuals to select cabs as their go-to form of transportation by offering a dependable, comfortable, and easy travel experience. In order to provide you with the opportunity to see the unseen, we work to make cab travel accessible to everyone by providing low pricing, first-rate customer service, and a large selection of vehicle options. Come along with us as we revolutionise long-distance travel!


Our Journey

OUR JOURNEY The goal behind our adventure was straightforward: to give tourists an inexpensive, safe, and easy method to discover the world around them. From a tiny start-up throughout the years, we have developed into one of the top providers of cab services, providing daily service to thousands of clients. Our success is based on a solid foundation of client pleasure, dependability, and trust.

Our Future Plans

Being a top supplier of cab services, we work hard to better serve our clients by always enhancing and improving our offerings. We have the following plans for the future:

Extension: To facilitate our clients' travels to any destination, we intend to extend our services to further cities and areas. In order to serve more clients and offer better availability, this development will also involve growing the size of our fleet.

Green Initiatives: We are dedicated to encouraging environmentally friendly transit options and lowering our carbon footprint. In order to contribute to environmental protection, we intend to increase the number of electric and hybrid cars in our fleet and carry out further green projects.

Community Involvement: We think it's important to give back to the areas we work in. We intend to step up our efforts to involve the community, such as supporting charitable organisations, sponsoring regional events, and boosting travel to the area.

Customer Experience: Giving our customers the greatest experience possible is our top priority. In order to make sure we are meeting our customers' expectations, we intend to improve the customer support services we offer. This will involve establishing customer feedback systems, expanding our communication channels, and speeding up response times.

Regarding Our Skilled Cab Driver

The need for reputable cab services is rising faster than ever before since travel has become a necessary element of daily life. Over years of out-of-town automobile rental experience have been accumulated by One Drop Cab. Our company offers affordable cab services for all kinds of trips in Jaipur, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttrakhand. Due to their extensive annual mileage—tens of thousands of miles—our drivers have highly skilled and valuable driving abilities. All travellers enjoy a secure and pleasant ride, particularly when they reserve a cab for an out-of-town trip; our courteous drivers provide each client with that extra security and personal attention.

Our drivers take care to make you feel comfortable, take you there safely, and greet each customer with warmth. At One Drop cab, all of our professional drivers are familiar with the towns and cities they are travelling to geographically, so they can get you there quickly and without any problems.

Our drivers are native to the region and have extensive local knowledge. To make your trip even more enjoyable, they can provide you advice and insider knowledge.

Why You Select Us?

Our goal is to make India's road driving experience more straightforward. Our motivation for doing this was to encourage people to take to the roads more often so they may enjoy the wonders and delights of the surrounding natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We understand your preferences for a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle, budget-friendly trip, and—above all—the knowledge you've gathered from all those adventures that make the journey itself appear more picturesque than the final destination.

We endeavour to create enjoyable packages for exploring the captivating sites of India while working to ensure the comfort of every traveller. We want to highlight India's natural beauty with our captivating packages. We will arrange your trip using a methodical strategy plan and will take care of all your travel needs in accordance with your specifications.

We constantly adapt our services to meet the needs of our clients, solicit input from past users, and enhance our packages and programmes daily. We broaden our scope of service to encompass cities such as Lucknow, Jaipur, Kasol, Chandigarh, and Manali. as many people as possible can benefit from our experience. For you to have the greatest possible experience, we arrange cab services for you, your friends, and yourself. Because we recognise the importance of your time, we make it our mission to consistently deliver services on time.