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Delhi to Jaipur

Situated around 170 miles from New Delhi, Jaipur sets the highest numbers of tourist attractions that invites people not only from the country itself, but from all around the world.

A quick and pleasant option to experience the colourful culture, extensive history, and stunning architecture of the Pink City is to take a cab from Delhi to Jaipur. Rajasthan's main city, Jaipur, is well-known for its exquisite forts, sumptuous palaces, lively markets, and vibrant customs. For this trip, scheduling a cab service guarantees a hassle-free experience, letting passengers unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery as they go.

About Jaipur

Jaipur got its name from the founder Maharaja Jai Singh II, who planned this city. It is popularly known as the Pink City, after the remodeling orders of British Royal family, that all the exterior of the city to be painted in pink color.

The city is a centre for customs, culture, and the arts. The city's lively bazaars are a buyers' dream, brimming with vibrant textiles, jewellery, handicrafts, and traditional clothing. Foodies will adore the delicious native fare, which includes dishes like Ghewar and Dal Baati Churma.

Unmatched in its architectural beauty is Jaipur. The city is renowned for its thoughtful design, which includes broad boulevards, green spaces, and historical landmarks everywhere one looks. The city's royal past is reflected in the elaborate designs and craftsmanship found in the forts, palaces, and temples.

You can travel to Jaipur all year long. But throughout the summer, it usually becomes really hot. It suggests that winter is typically a more sought-after option for travellers, with October through March regarded as high season.

Route Information

By car, the roughly 280-kilometer trip from Delhi to Jaipur can be completed in five to six hours, depending on traffic. The trip offers stunning views of the countryside and peeks into rural life as it winds through northern India's lovely regions.

You will travel through a number of towns and cities on this route, including as Gurgaon, Rewari, and Neemrana, before arriving at the Jaipur suburbs. You can stop at a variety of roadside cafes and dhabas along the trip to enjoy delectable regional food and beverages.

You will be welcomed by Jaipur's well-known pink walls and busy streets as soon as you arrive. Jaipur provides a wealth of things to do for tourists, such as touring the beautiful Amber Fort and City Palace and shopping at Johari Bazaar for colourful fabrics and handicrafts.

Whether you're travelling for business or for fun, using a cab service to get from Delhi to Jaipur gives you convenience and flexibility since you can choose your own schedule and go at your own speed. You may be sure of a nice and safe ride to the Pink City thanks to the skilled drivers and well-maintained cars.

Tourist Attraction

Let's look at a few of the most popular sights that make Jaipur a destination that should not be missed:

Perched on a hilltop with a stunning view of Maota Lake, the Amber Fort (Amer Fort) is a stunning example of Mughal and Rajput architecture combined. Its exquisite gardens, elaborately carved rooms, and magnificent mansions astonish visitors. Don’t pass up the opportunity to ride an elephant to the fort and see the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

The magnificent collection of buildings, gardens, and courtyards known as the City Palace is situated in the centre of Jaipur. Within, you can examine royal relics, apparel, and armaments at the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum. You will be enthralled with the palace's elaborate architecture and superb craftsmanship.

Jaipur's most famous structure, the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), is a magnificent example of Rajput architecture. Its distinctive structure—which features balconies and windows with elaborate carvings—was intended to make it possible for royal ladies to attend street festivities covertly. A tour of this architectural wonder provides information about Jaipur's past as a royal city.

Jantar Mantar is a1 UNESCO World Heritage Site and an astronomical observatory that was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It has nineteen architectural astronomical instruments in all, each with a distinct function. The accuracy and creativity of these antiquated astronomical instruments often astound visitors.

Offering sweeping views of Jaipur city, Nahargarh Fort is perched atop the Aravalli hills. Originally constructed as an armoured fort, it is now a well-liked tourist attraction. Discover its gardens, ramparts, and courtyards while taking in the spectacular views of the city at dusk.

Constructed to safeguard the Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort is renowned for being home to Jaivana, the largest cannon on wheels in the world. In addition to learning about Jaipur's military past, visitors can explore the city's enormous walls, palaces, and museums.

Delhi to Jaipur Cab

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