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Delhi to Khatushyam and Salasar Round Trip

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About Ayodhya

Lord Khatushyam Ji, the Hindu god, is the reason Khatu Shyam Ji is a popular destination for pilgrims. Hindu mythology states that Lord Krishna gave the Hindu god an offering and called him Shyam. Together with its temple, the town boasts a rich cultural heritage and mythology.

Believed to be more than a millennium old, the shrine holds immense spiritual significance for its devotees. Constructed by Roopsingh Chauhan in 1072 AD, the ancient temple was redesigned in 1720 on behalf of the Marwar ruler. Rich in architectural detail, the centuries-old temple is built of marble, lime mortar, and floral-patterned tiles.

The Salasar Balaji Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman, is its most famous feature. Particularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays, people from all over the country visit the temple, for seeking blessings. This temple's representation of Lord Hanuman is called Salasar Balaji, and it's thought to be a Swayambhu (self-manifested). Other shrines honouring other gods and goddesses can also be found within the temple complex. Salasar is renowned for its ethereal ambiance, drawing followers yearning for tranquilly, blessings, and wish fulfilment.

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Route Information

According to your starting point and choices, there are several possible routes from Delhi to Khatushyam and subsequently to Salasar. Here's a typical path:

1. Delhi to Khatushyam:
  • From Delhi, take the NH48 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway).
  • Proceed in the direction of Jaipur on NH48.
  • Take the exit heading towards Ringas when you get to Kotputli.
  • To get to Khatushyam Ji Temple from Ringas, follow the signage.
2. Khatushyam to Salasar:
  • Proceed in the direction of Sikar after leaving Khatushyam.
  • Head for Sikar on the NH52 (Sikar-Jaipur Highway).
  • Proceed towards Salasar on NH52.

It's important to check for the most recent changes prior to your travel, as road conditions and itineraries are subject to change.

Large stretches of parched terrain interspersed with traditional communities and historical sites will be seen as you traverse the state. Views of rural life are offered by the route, where herders grazing their cattle and farmers caring to their fields. You will also come across stunning examples of Rajasthani architecture, such as havelis and temples, along the route. The road journey is made unforgettable by the route's distinctive fusion of scenic beauty and cultural legacy.

Tourist Attractions

Here are few tourist attractions that you can encounter in your round trip from dlehi to khatushyam and salasar.

Khatu Shyam Temple: Khatu Shyam Ji, a temple dedicated to the revered god Khatu Shyam, also called Barbarika or Shyam Baba, is the main draw of the shrine. The temple draws people seeking solace and blessings because of its architecture and serene ambiance.

Shiram Kund: Adjacent to the Temple lies a hallowed body of water. All devotees are said to take holy baths in the Shyam Kund's waters in search of blessings and purification because it is said to be a hallowed pond.

The third important pilgrimage place is Jeen Mata Temple, which is close to Khatu Shyam Ji. Honouring Goddess Jeen Mata, it draws followers looking for heavenly help and favours. Tourists should not miss the temple because of its stunning construction.

The Lord Ganesh-focused temple complex known as Shri Ganeshwar Dham is located close to Khatu Shyam Ji. It is a magnificent temple with several additional deities devoted to Lord Ganesh. It is a peaceful retreat for devotees due to the serene settings and spiritual activities.

Salasar Balaji Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman is a major pilgrimage site and attracts devotees from far and wide. The temple complex is architecturally stunning, with intricate carvings and a vibrant atmosphere of devotion.

Salasar is also bordered by beautiful scenery, like the Aravalli Hills, which offer chances for hikes and nature walks. The town is well-liked by both tourists and spiritual seekers due to its tranquil settings and religious significance.

Delhi to khatushyam and Salasar by Cab

If you want to see the temples of Rajasthan from Delhi, you may do so with ease by renting a taxi from Delhi to Khatushyam and Salasar. Due to the fact that hiring a car will allow you to use it whenever and wherever you like. Also, since you have already rented a car, you won't need to worry about locating Local Transport in an unfamiliar area.

Travelling by car from Delhi to Khatushyam and Salasar is an adventure that combines spirituality, adventure, and breathtaking scenery. Selecting our taxi service for this journey has incomparable benefits that will turn your trip into something not simply practical but also genuinely unforgettable.

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